Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire Alarm Monitoring save from Disaster

Fire Alarm Monitoring system once again allows you and your employees to of buying services from a fire alarm monitoring company. It’s also best that involves keeping you alert to any advances or updates which may be added to your existing system to maximize its functionality. By evaluating any new developments in addition to determining whether they will heighten your fire alarm system, it allows them to keep your system as up to date as possible. Their services also include notifying the authorities in addition to the local fire department. They could take the initiative and set up contacts to the local fire department, giving them the position in addition to any other information related to the location of the building on fire. Likewise, they are also able to alert the police department in your area for them to respond and help out with keeping individuals from entering the building while fire officials are trying to contain the fire.
For your company to leave that job of monitoring the fire alarm systems, to the and the security to employees, you might want to look into contracting with one of the many fire alarm monitoring companies. There are lots of different reasons why this type of service may be helpful to your company and employees. First of all, if you have a system that’s perpetually involved in fire alarm monitoring, it allows you to keep track of when your internal network is working inappropriately within the standards of your local fire code. Majority of the alarm monitoring companies offer monthly upkeep as part of the contract, which allows your employees to focus on producing excellent products and services to consumers, rather than having to monitor and inspect these systems themselves.

Monitoring businesses; it will guarantee you and your workers’ safety during a focus on the best way to exit the building correctly, quickly, and safely; making it a goal to follow the exit strategy that you and your company have set up. When searching for companies that provide fire alarm monitoring services, it is compulsory that you obtain quotes in addition to specifics of the coverage from each company you are considering; cost is but one factor which we should evaluate when looking for any company providing a product or service. Additionally, it is prudent to be sure that whatever business you decide on for representing your business, provides all services and tasks necessary for the particular circumstance. A fantastic thing to do is request references that can offer you a frontline look at how their services work and how good they are. If the business refuses to give references out, then it is advised to look into another company. Bear in mind that you would like a company that will not only do what you need it to do but one which also has a clear track record with existing clients. Nonetheless, a company with the lowest price isn’t necessarily the best company to go with because there may be a whole lot of additional services needed by your company that services are add in your service package. A business that responds quickly and provides a fantastic performance record is much more important than saving a few bucks.

Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm and Safety Guide

fire extinguisher putting out the fire

A fire extinguisher is a valuable piece of safety hardware that is most primarily used to extinguish or control small fires in an emergency situation. A fire extinguisher typically consists of a high pressurised cylinder with a hose and trigger attached. The pressurised cylinder itself contains an agent that when discharged it blankets or suffocates the fire by cooling of it’s source of fuel therefore extinguishing the fire.

Using a Fire Extinguisher

There is a certain procedure for using a fire extinguisher, certain work places will have guidelines for executing fire drills, only some staff will be trained to use fire extinguishers these are normally higher members of staff. The procedure for using a fire extinguisher is called “PASS” and it works like this:

  1. Pull the Safety Pin
  2. Aim the hose or nozzle towards the base of the fire (remember your targeting the source of the fire not the fire itself keeping at least six feet away)
  3. Squeeze the trigger
  4. Sweep the extinguisher from side to side whilst keeping aim of the base of the fire, by doing this you are tackling the fire at its most vulnerable point, take away the fuel and the fire cannot burn. If the fire does not seem to be getting weaker but more volatile and your extinguisher is almost empty, you should not retry with another extinguisher unless it is as small as a bin fire, instead call the local fire brigade as they will have more advanced fire extinguishing equipment.

There are many types of fire extinguishers available on the market, and each fire extinguisher tackles a different type of fire. Using the wrong type of extinguisher can worsen the situation and even prove to be fatal. It is always best to have your fire extinguisher maintained and labeled clearly so that it is easy to determine which extinguisher to use when there is a chemical fire or an electrical fire etc.

Fire Extinguisher Classifications

Internationally there a several classes of handheld fire extinguishers. Each classification is useful in fighting a fire with a certain fuel type whether it be chemical based or electrical based etc.

Fire Extinguisher Standards

According to the standards of BS-EN-3, fire extinguishers throughout Canada and Europe are red RAL 3000, and a band or circle of a second color covering at least 5 percent of the surface area of the extinguisher indicates the type of contents.

  • Water fire extinguishers have always been signal red these fire extinguishers are in fire class A.
  • Foam fire extinguishers used to be cream but have now been updated with a new colour scheme of red with a cream panel above the operating instructions. These extinguishers are in classes A, B and sometimes E.
  • Dry powder fire extinguishers used to be French blue but are now red with a blue panel above the operating instructions. The classification for this type of extinguisher falls in category A, B, C and E.
  • CO2 Fire extinguishers used to be black but have updated as red with a black panel above the instructions. These fire extinguishers have been put in fire class categories A,B and E
  • Halon Fire extinguishers used to be emerald green but are now red with a green panel above the operating instructions and are in classes A, B and E
  • Wet chemical Extinguishers are red with a yellow label above the instructions, the extinguishers are classified as A and F types.
  • Class D Powder fire extinguishers were French blue but are now red with a blue panel above the instructions, these are the only fire extinguisher that falls into a D class.

Médiat-Muse launched the summer programming of its members

It’s nice and warm and what better way, for this last editorial before the holidays, than to talk about outings in the museums of the Mauricie and Center-du-Québec!

On June 7, Médiat-Muse launched the summer programming of its members by presenting the Muse-TV event. Thus, 29 museum directors, in tandem with the Médiat-Muse coordinator, had fun imagining their museum as if they were serials, films, variety shows, and so on. The time of a shoot, we became stars of the small screen. Come see our capsules on

Are you a little more techno and own a smartphone or a tablet? Médiat-Muse has launched a brand new mobile application: With this application you will have all the information you need to plan your trips to the Mauricie and Center-du-Québec museums, suggestions for thematic or geographic tours, a newswire that will keep you up to date with the latest exhibitions and activities As well as exclusive content to discover.

Also take part in “The Museologist’s Road”, accumulate points and win free entry into one of the institutions. You only have to sharpen your eye of expert in museology and to locate the QR codes that are hidden in the museum institutions. Everything for all tastes! Good summer!

What is

  • A presentation form for each of the museums
  • Practical information to plan your visit (rates, schedule, website, etc.)
  • Suggestions for thematic or geographical tours
  • A newswire about the world of museums
  • Exclusive content: photos of collectibles, archive images, multimedia documents and much more!The project was made possible by a grant of $ 183,000 from Canadian Heritage through the Canada Interactive Fund. It was produced by Médiat-Muse within the framework of the Regional Council of Expertise in Museology, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women.

    The “29 museums at your fingertips” or “29 musées au bout des doigts” application is an excellent example of the strength of the network and the benefits it brings to its members. For most of them, such an achievement would be completely out of scope individually, in particular because of the costs associated with new technologies. Médiat-Muse allows its members to access the universe of mobile applications, working collectively.

29 museums at your fingertips – Mobile Application EN

Médiat-Muse offers you “29 museums at your fingertips”, a mobile application that facilitates the discovery of museums in the Mauricie and Center-du-Québec regions!

You will find :

  • A wealth of practical information to plan your visits
  • Suggestions for thematic or geographical tours
  • A newswire that will keep you informed of exhibitions and activities
  • Exclusive content to be discovered: photos of collectibles, archive images, multimedia documents and much more
  • An interactive quest allowing you to earn points and win free entries
  • Download the application for free!

Earn points by participating in “The Museologist’s Road” to earn free entries at participating institutions.

“The Museologist’s Road” is an interactive quest through which visitors collect the QR codes “29 museums at the fingertips” that hide in museum institutions. By digitizing them with the function provided for this purpose in the application, you will accumulate points. 15 points you will deserve a free entry. Be attentive and sharpen your expert opinion in museology: the codes can be on a wall, a sculpture, a panel!

  • Each accumulated QR code earns you between 2 and 5 points, depending on the institution visited
  • A QR code can only be scanned once
  • 15 points are required to receive a free entry
  • If the user exceeds 15 points when using his free entry, the remaining points will accumulate for a next free entry
  • Valid in participating institutions. Not redeemable, non-exchangeable.

Presentation of the Benjamin Sulte Heritage Prize

The Raymond-Robert Tremblay General Manager of the Cégep de Trois-Rivières presented the Benjamin Sulte Heritage Prize to Mayor-Andrée Levasseur and Andréanne Blais at the 20th gala of the Trois-Rivières Cultural Grand Prix,Respectively president and coordinator of Médiat-Muse. “This award is given to an individual, organization or company residing in Trois-Rivières for an interpretation project, an animation project, an exhibition, a publication or a multimedia project in the field of Heritage of Trifluvian.

Muse-Muse designed and built the mobile application “29 museums at your fingertips” by which the organization has distinguished itself. This mobile application, compatible with the iPhone and the Android terminals, facilitates the discovery of the museums of the Mauricie and Center-du-Québec!

As the theme was Red Carpet, a reference absent from the work of Benjamin Sulte, Mr. Tremblay played the humor card by reading one of his comic poems from the New Songs (1880) which was able to derive the audience thanks to To a naive and subtle text!

Read the poem of Benjamin Sulte: To a lady lady who gives me a pair of slippers

To find out more about Médiat-Muse:

To download the free app “29 museums at your fingertips” or “29 musées au bout des doigts” for Apple and Android:

29 Museums at Your Fingertips Mobile Application

It is the turn of 29 museums in the Mauricie and Center-du-Québec regions to make the leap into the world of mobile applications this summer.

Médiat-Muse officially launched the mobile application “29 museums at your fingertips” on Tuesday morning.

The application gathers a presentation sheet of each museum, practical information to plan its visit, suggestions of thematic or geographical circuits and a news wire.

“Institutions will be able to continually add content and present new exhibits and activities. The application will be dynamic and interesting, “says Andréanne Blais, coordinator of Médiat-Muse.

Users have the option to search by map (indicates the museums closest to where you are), by categories, by exhibitions and even by cultural tourism experience activities.

Museums are grouped under the categories In the footsteps of our ancestors, For art lovers, Divine discoveries, close-up on nature, Evolving industries and Culture and society.

A recipe of 1755

Many of the 29 featured museums offer exclusive content to the users of the app.

It includes photos of the restoration of the Ursuline Museum and a recipe of apple and cheese donuts dating from 1755.

Free admission

An interactive quest is also offered to those who have downloaded the mobile application. Visitors must find the QR code found in each museum institution.

“Once the code is discovered, you just have to scan it. Each scan code allows you to accumulate points. When you get 15 points, you get free admission to another museum in the Médiat-Muse region. You just have to show your phone indicating the free visit at that time, “explains Andréanne Blais.

The “29 museums at your fingertips” application can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play, and online at The application is available on smart phones and tablets.

The realization of this mobile application required an investment of $183,000 from Canadian Heritage.