29 museums at your fingertips – Mobile Application EN

Médiat-Muse offers you “29 museums at your fingertips”, a mobile application that facilitates the discovery of museums in the Mauricie and Center-du-Québec regions!

You will find :

  • A wealth of practical information to plan your visits
  • Suggestions for thematic or geographical tours
  • A newswire that will keep you informed of exhibitions and activities
  • Exclusive content to be discovered: photos of collectibles, archive images, multimedia documents and much more
  • An interactive quest allowing you to earn points and win free entries
  • Download the application for free!

Earn points by participating in “The Museologist’s Road” to earn free entries at participating institutions.

“The Museologist’s Road” is an interactive quest through which visitors collect the QR codes “29 museums at the fingertips” that hide in museum institutions. By digitizing them with the function provided for this purpose in the application, you will accumulate points. 15 points you will deserve a free entry. Be attentive and sharpen your expert opinion in museology: the codes can be on a wall, a sculpture, a panel!

  • Each accumulated QR code earns you between 2 and 5 points, depending on the institution visited
  • A QR code can only be scanned once
  • 15 points are required to receive a free entry
  • If the user exceeds 15 points when using his free entry, the remaining points will accumulate for a next free entry
  • Valid in participating institutions. Not redeemable, non-exchangeable.

Presentation of the Benjamin Sulte Heritage Prize

The Raymond-Robert Tremblay General Manager of the Cégep de Trois-Rivières presented the Benjamin Sulte Heritage Prize to Mayor-Andrée Levasseur and Andréanne Blais at the 20th gala of the Trois-Rivières Cultural Grand Prix,Respectively president and coordinator of Médiat-Muse. “This award is given to an individual, organization or company residing in Trois-Rivières for an interpretation project, an animation project, an exhibition, a publication or a multimedia project in the field of Heritage of Trifluvian.

Muse-Muse designed and built the mobile application “29 museums at your fingertips” by which the organization has distinguished itself. This mobile application, compatible with the iPhone and the Android terminals, facilitates the discovery of the museums of the Mauricie and Center-du-Québec!

As the theme was Red Carpet, a reference absent from the work of Benjamin Sulte, Mr. Tremblay played the humor card by reading one of his comic poems from the New Songs (1880) which was able to derive the audience thanks to To a naive and subtle text!

Read the poem of Benjamin Sulte: To a lady lady who gives me a pair of slippers

To find out more about Médiat-Muse: http://www.mediat-muse.org/

To download the free app “29 museums at your fingertips” or “29 musées au bout des doigts” for Apple and Android: www.museesauboutdesdoigts.ca